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ABCD Neighborhood Sites also offer an array of educational services a generously heated four-season pool experience featuring an underwater passageway allowing guests to swim continuously from indoors to outdoors to our two adjoining pools alongside multiple heated spas.

I've not read much fantasy in my life because, when needed, I seem to be able to come up with a fantasy of my own.

And, though human kind may never find "Over The Hills And Far Away," we can envision that we might, and imagine that those we love share it with us. The article discussed how the set for the Teletubbies show was to be "bulldozed" at the end of filming to restore the site to it's original, country-like, state in an effort to be environmentally-friendly to the general area. Teletubby-land is "over the hills and far away," so well-hidden that no human will ever find it.

The "reality" of Teletubby-land is a "special place" that lives in our imagination and reminds us of our vulnerability. It goes on as far as the eye can see in all directions.

This year, we’re proud to host the annual Herradura Margarita Competition here at Thompson Playa del Carmen.

Ten local bars will be vying to see who makes the tastiest, most creative, and most beautiful margaritas, and you’re invited to taste the goods. Cost is 0 pesos pre-sale and 0 pesos at the door.

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