Holiday dating ideas

Nest a 14" embroidery hoop inside an 18" one and attach with strong tape at the clasps.Cover the tape with a loop of wide ribbon (you'll use it for hanging later). Lots of families are scheduling their fall family pictures right now,which makes it the PERFECT time to get ahead of the game. Just for you, we’ve put together the ULTIMATE Christmas Card round-up with…A sheet of snow on the ground provides the perfect bright white background to make your holiday pictures pop.

We've rounded up this year's top holiday gifts — chosen with your in-laws in mind — and they're about to score you MAJOR points.

Or glue white pom poms to the front of the card to make 3D snowballs, like the first example below.

Sources: Lana Sky Drew B Photography You don’t need an authentic-looking Santa Claus to get the perfect holiday photos. If you still can’t seem to find a design that speaks to you, there’s also Shutterfly.

Yep, she is hooking you up with FIVE PAGES of seriously cute holiday candy bar gift tags!! If you use them, make sure to head on over to her page and give her a much-deserved “Thank You!

” We’ve included some flirty tags you can use as quick and easy “just because” gifts for your spouse AND more generic, creative sayings you can use for quick and easy gifts for your neighbors, friends, kids, or well- love to get a candy bar or two?! Just to help you out even MORE…we also included affiliate links directly to the candy bars you’ll need for each tag, so you can SEE exactly what we are talking about!

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