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I have been meeting with couples in pre-marital, marital or relationship therapy for thirty-five years.One of the problems that gets identified on a regular basis is the difficulty they have making a deep and satisfying emotional connection.Have you ever been so attracted to a man, that the more you spent time being with and thinking about him, the more attached you felt, and therefore the more INSECURE you became?I see this happen all the time in women when a man doesn’t act or respond the way they want him to.

It’s not that men don’t notice and feel the emotional distance between them and their partners, but it is comparatively rare that the man will raise this concern first.Emotional attraction is more intense and lasting than physical attraction – it’s what sets you apart in a man’s mind and let’s him see you as more than something casual.If you’ve had relationships that have been dead-ends or where your guy became distant and uncertain about wanting to be with you, this is usually why.that she’s falling for him, or that she doesn’t understand why he isn’t feeling the same way. I’m going to tell you something you probably already know in your gut.If a man isn’t attracted to a woman, all of her attempts to share a connection, convince him to like her, and to feel and share love will backfire.

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