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Download u Get 2.0.8 or 2.1.4 We are excited to announce the immediate availability of the latest version of u Get, version 2.0.8.We've also started on a new development branch and there is a new update for that as well, beta version 2.1.4.The package contains the gfortran Fortran 95 compiler with many Fortran 03 and 08 features including coarrays, the Code:: Blocks graphical user interface, Open MP, modules for interval arithmetic, Plplot, GNUPlot, high precision reals and other types, the BLAS and LAPACK libraries with the MATRAN Fortran wrapper, lots of example code, the Fortran Tools manual, and the following books in electronic form: Code:: Blocks may be used to edit, compile, run, and debug Fortran programs.

The other sections describe how to use the Fortran Tools. Here are the file sizes in bytes: 3001065 Fortran_Tools_62- User Guide and INSTALLATION GUIDE.This may restrict some skilled but poorly equipped laboratories from participating fully in the global project in the future.Total element concentrations are most relevant for geochemical interpretation of data.The platform comprises both the Maemo operating system and SDK.Maemo is mostly based on open-source code and has been developed by Maemo Devices within Nokia in collaboration with many open-source projects such as the Linux kernel, Debian, and GNOME.

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